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Custom Wig Brow Units

Class Description:


    How far would you go to get your eyebrows on fleek? Eyebrow pencils and gels are old news, and I want to introduce you to the new trend of hand-crafted wig brow units. Not only are there wig brow units, you can also learn the skill and techniques to create custom beards, mustaches, side-burns and goatees.


    As a cranial prosthesis specialist I have the skill set to design custom hair pieces for women, children and men. My work starts at the beginning stages of finding their custom measurements, making molds, designs, and adding strand by strand to the unit for completion.


    If you are looking to move into the market of creating custom wig brow units and expanding your clientele, make sure to attend this class to look into the creative eye of Roslyn Steward customizing wig brow units, strand by strand.

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