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Your Hair Is Our Canvas!

 Back in 2012 our grandmother (Ora Lee) and my own mother (Niecey) had been diagnosed with cancer. No family member ever wants to see their close ones battling and struggling with such a difficult situation. As they persevered through the pain, we could tell on the inside they were broken. The chemo had really taken a toll on their skin and hair, leaving them with baldness, dry scaly skin, acne because of their bodies purging itself of toxins, tender scalps, and feeling like they had indeed lost all of their beauty. It was hard to watch strong and inspiring women think they had lost their shine or beauty that they had once taught us to always cherish. But being the family we are, we came together and decided that they would no longer feel that way. That we would take on the responsibilities of making sure that they would continue to see and believe that they are beautiful, inside and out, even when they didn't think so. That's when my aunt Roslyn, began researching different natural herbs and oils and their chemistry with different types of skin and hair. Even if it has or has not been chemically treated. She wanted to be sure that the products created would have the effectiveness needed to combat or treat any problems they faced. Now not only did we have family members battling different health issues, but my aunt also had customers who came to her in need of customized hair and skin regimens. That's when she called on her daughter, Da'Wanna and her niece, myself, Chanice to step in to help create PolyMair T'Dab Essentials.
Once we came together we had the same motivation. We wanted a product that would guarantee it would fulfill the needs of our family and customers so they can maintain their healthy hair and skin, even through the toughest storms. Many times we brought products that stated it would prevent hair loss or repair damaged dry hair. Or, that it would bring back moisture to dull skin. But these products never met their expectations. Our products, on the other hand, have been tested in the lab and also on our customers with proven results. Guaranteeing the effectiveness of each product because we care about how our products make others feel. We want women and men to always look and feel as if they're the perfection of our Creator because they are and always will be. 
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