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Your Hair Is Our Canvas!

In 2012, cancer impacted our family deeply when both our beloved grandmother, Ora Lee, and my own mother, Niecey, received diagnoses. Witnessing their physical and emotional struggles was incredibly difficult. As they underwent chemotherapy, they experienced side effects that left them feeling like they had lost their beauty and radiance. It was challenging seeing these resilient women feel defeated.


As a family, we refused to let them give up. We banded together and made a promise to ensure they felt beautiful both inside and out. My aunt Roslyn researched natural herbs and oils to create products that would nourish their skin and hair. We sought to find a solution that would work for them and provide beauty through the toughest of times.


As we developed our products, we realized that our solutions could assist others beyond our family. People approached my aunt seeking customized hair and skin treatment plans, and we were eager to help. We wanted to create a product line that would guarantee results and fulfill the needs of everyone.


From this goal, PolyMair T'Dab Essentials was born. Our products have undergone lab testing and have provided proven results to our countless satisfied customers. Our priority is to help people feel beautiful and empower them to embrace the perfection of our Creator. Our commitment is to our customers and delivering the best possible results.


If you're looking for a product that can add life to dull skin, prevent hair loss, or restore damaged hair, PolyMair T'Dab Essentials is your solution. We guarantee you'll love the results, just as our family and many other customers have.

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